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Mark Gross

Creating GitHub Releases From the Command Line

I grew tired of having to navigate GitHub’s webpages in order to create releases on my repositories, so I decided to automate the process. It started as an 80 line bash script specifically for my last project, shshare, but then I got the itch to generalize it and release it to the public. I also wanted a way to show off my C knowledge on my GitHub profile, so hubrelease was born.

I Found $17,000 Worth of Bitcoins on Pastebin

Amendment 2020-08-19 At the time I did this, I was careless and ignorant regarding the legal and ethical implications of my actions. I considered taking this post down, but decided to leave it up for transparency’s sake. You should never access a computer that you are not authorized to, even if you think it’s being used for a malicious purpose. If you want to explore and experiment with this type of thing, check out OverTheWire and Hack The Box.

First AUR Package

Today marks the first time I’ve publicly released something since Quack.Net, which was almost 2 years ago. I am proud to present: shshare! What? shshare is a shell script (technically two) that can capture a screenshot or screen recording and automatically upload it to a destination of the user’s choosing. It’s contained in two files: shshare - the core script that handles options and the capturing of data, and, a script intended to be modified by the user that provides the functionality of taking that data to its final destination.